Aqualyx® is a non-surgical solution to minimise and remove stubborn, localised pockets of fat. It is ideal for those who exercise regularly and maintain a healthy diet but have pockets of fat that won’t shift, even with focused exercise. Aqualyx® works by breaking down cell membranes to liquify the fat cell destroying it permanently, releasing the lipids that are then eliminated naturally through the lymphatic system. The procedure consists of a set of injections, administered 3-4 weeks apart, into the targeted area.

Aqualyx® Treatment Information

Aqualyx® is a body contouring treatment not a weight loss solution. Treatments with Aqualyx® are only applicable for small, localised areas and patients must be within 1 stone of their ideal weight. It can be used on many body areas to treat stubborn pockets of fat.

Which can apply to the areas including: Stomach (inc. six pack definition) / Love handles / Arms / Chin / Flanks and waist / Inner and outer thighs / Area under the buttocks / Underarms and armpits / Underarms and armpits / Knees / Back etc.

The results of an Aqualyx® treatment are permanent as long as the patient is maintaining a constant weight measurement (i.e. assuming you do not gain weight, eat healthy and exercise regularly). 

As there are no incisions and stitches are not required, scarring is therefore very unlikely. People treated with Aqualyx® will typically experience minimal side effects when compared to more invasive procedures, such as liposuction. 

There are some temporary side effects which include bruising, swelling, redness and irritation in the injection area. The treated area may feel slightly tender to touch, numb or itchy but these side effects usually subside after 1-3 days but may last up to 4 weeks. The manufacturers report that to date no major side effects of Aqualyx® use have been reported to them.

Do not apply any cosmetics onto the treated area within a 12-hour period and avoid all direct sources of heat and radiation (sunlight, UV-radiation, sauna etc.) Furthermore, you should abstain from particularly demanding physical exercise for 7 days. As the released fatty acids are converted into additional energy, it is especially important that you keep a strict and healthy diet, otherwise your body will simply store the fat in an alternative fat depot.