Fotona 4D pro is the world’s first dual-wavelength invasive laser system with a partial layer for comprehensive facial anti-ageing treatment solution. It integrates the four patented technologies: Smooth, Frac3, Piano and Superficial to work on deeper, medial and superficial connective structures of the skin, while simultaneously targeting different skin imperfections. It can improve skin tone, skin texture, contour, and tissue volume in multiple dimensions of aging in a gentle, safe and efficient way,to restore a more youthful, natural-looking appearance with no downtime.
01. Smooth: Fast tightening mode
Intraoral treatment is the what differentiates Fotona
It allows us to sharply and precisely control the temperature of heated facial tissue by the intermittent heating method of the train pulse technology to achieve rapid skin tightening result. This part of the treatment is operated from inside of the mouth, where we can get the best access to the targeted areas to help with the collagen regeneration and general tightness to reduce laugh lines and other wrinkles around the mouth.
02. Frac3: Skin rejuvenation and whitening mode
A whitening, rejuvenation and firming result.
Using a short width pulse to heat the target pigmentation and tiny blood vessels in the epidermis and dermis selectively, which causes three-dimensional point damage at a specific depth of the skin. Producing a gentle painless warming of the skin through all its layers. It triggers skin re-repair mechanism to achieve collagen regeneration for a whitening, rejuvenation and firming result.
04. Superficial micro-peeling mode
Skin Texture Improve.

Rejuvenates the skin with a very light facial peel through the patented VSP adjustable pulse width technology to reduce fine lines and pores; improve skin texture.

03. Piano Deep heating fat-melting mode
Ideal for the cheeks and jawline.

This is another heating stage but this time performed on the surface of the skin. The laser causes bulk tissue heating safely and rapidly which helps to lift, firm and tighten the skin , reduce axcess fat and saggy skin. Ideal for the cheeks and jawline.

Face structure: Saggy skin and excess fat on the chin, laugh lines and jawline tightening
Eyes: Improve multiple eye aging problems such as puffiness, eye bags, ptosis, dark circles and reduce fine lines around the eyes.
Neck: saggy skin, uneven skin tone, dullness and neck wrinkles.
Lips: Lip plumping, reduce lip wrinkles and improve the overall condition of lips.
Not at all. Fotona4D pro is laser treatment. It is essential to apply sunscreen and moisturizer after all the laser treatments. We recommend to use EC’s hydrogel mask, R5 medical facial mask and ceramide essence before and after the Fotona 4D pro treatment, which helps with your skin hydration and repair to optimize the treatment effect!

Absolutely, this is actually one of Fotona 4D pro's advantages.

It is best to perform photoelectric therapy three months after hyaluronic acid injection. 
Fotona 4D pro is suitable for all healthy skin types. For clients with active acnes or extremely sensitive skin or wounded skin, it is recommended to treat your skin problems before arranging the Fotona 4D.
Fotona 4D pro is a non-invasive treatment without traumatizing your skin. There is no recovery downtime needed after treatment. The skin may have mild redness, heat, dryness, and slight swelling immediately after the treatment. EC’s personalized facial treatments will help repairing your skin faster to avoid affecting work and daily life.