3D Comfort Lift is a face and body lifting treatment system.  Thermal energy is penetrated deep into the dermal layer to promote reproduction of collagen and elastin. Bipolar Radio Frequency (RF) delivers Thermal-energy for Skin Lifting & Tightening,  Improves Skin Texture, Fat-reduction,  Body Contouring.

It is a multi-care system can be used for Face and Body.

Treatment Area

3D Comfort Lift can treat the following:

Face lifting

Face contouring

Cure Double chin

Puffy eye solution

Wrinkle removal

Skin rejuvenation

3D Comfort Lift treatment can be tailored to client’s specific skin concerns. It is a very safe and extremely effective in giving the face an immediate lifting effect straight after the procedure. It is known as The Red-Carpet Treatment as there is no down time yet immediate results.

3D Comfort Lift can be done twice a month to help with elasticity firmness and collagen renewal.

We like to offer clients a very tailored and specific skin package. We recommend a total of 6 treatments for optimal results.

Results begin to show immediately after treatment, crow's feet, nasolabial folds, marionette line obviously reduce. Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles for a youthful appearance. After 1 treatment, the results can last 3 months, In general, after 3-6 times treatment, it will continue to have effects for 1 or even 2 years.

The comfort lift will result in redness and mild swelling, after redness faded can start normal skin care and makeups. Depending on your type of skin, mild heat may last for several hours, but the surface of the skin is no any damage or scab. It is recommended to do extra hydratant & moisturizer, skincare and need sun protection within one month.

It takes at least 3 months for this treatment after the Facial filler and injection.

After Mesotherapy treatment, it is recommended after 15-20 days to do comfort lift .

No. During the treatment, there is no burning felling on the skin. The treatment is tolerable. It is to thermoplastic the subcutaneous tissues through your skin , so there is no painful and no need for skin hemp. The whole treatment is safe, soft and comfortable.

Yes. The comfort lift can fully release intraocular pressure, stimulate muscle contraction, thereby relieve eye fatigue, dark circles problems. Also, the treatment can effectively lift and tighten your eyes while promote the regeneration of collagen for eyes, significantly improve drooping eyelids and wrinkle around your eyes. The effect   will show immediately.

Within One month before treatment, avoid injection and laser treatment, avoid period, and this treatment is not suitable for patients with skin inflammation and wound and pregnancy;

Aftercare Advice:

1.Avoid alcohol /spicy food /seafood, Stop giving your liver excess work. After the treatment, take rest as much as possible;

2.Do not have hot showers or baths, swimming, Avoid lots of exercise;

3.DO NOT use hot water to clean face, should extra hydrating & moisturizer skincare. Daily skin care is recommend to combined with peptide serum, Anti-gravity lift mask to consolidate the treatment effect.