Harmony XL Pro is a laser treatment device that rejuvenates your skin from deep within featuring new technologies, hand pieces and treatment innovations. It allows us to treat the widest variety of indications and concerns from clients of nearly all ages and offers superb results with minimal downtime and no damage to your skin. 

The Harmony XL Pro laser treatment uses a pixilated skin resurfacing laser to separate light into numerous fractions that penetrate deeply into the skin’s dermis. This means that the skin is rejuvenated below the surface, which in turn means the client endures zero damage to the skin’s surface layer. Thanks to the fantastic results it offers, Harmony XL Pro is already hugely popular in Hollywood.

Alma’s award-winning ClearLift applicator is the most comprehensive Q-Switched treatment solution available today.

ClearLift delivers intense nanosecond pulses to the target area to prevent and treat the signs of ageing resulting in a photo acoustic effect. It can be used anywhere on the face – including to decrease eye puffiness and dark circles – as well as to firm and treat the neck.

This mechanical Q switch action is highly effective in hyperpigmentation. The controlled dermal wounds, created with the pixel tip, provide the ideal solution for skin rejuvenation on the face and neck in a treatment which takes 20 minutes with NO downtime and NO redness.
ClearSkin is the first technology to combine a non-ablative laser with simultaneous contact cooling and vacuum technology to treat acne vulgaris safely and effectively.

Suitable for all skin types, designed to treat acne and diminish the appearance of scars by stimulating collagen production
Ipixel laser provides a highly effective fractional ablative laser skin resurfacing treatment using a 2940 nm wavelength. The applicator significantly improves overall skin tone, elasticity, and texture, reduces superficial pigmentation and pore size. The treatment mechanism of the pixel Er:YAG 2940 laser promotes accelerated reepithelization allowing for faster healing and tissue regeneration , improving the volume and texture of your skin and minimising the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
NIR module uses a high-power light source in the near infrared spectrum to achieve safe and effective dermal heating, imparting a youthful glow to the skin. The pleasant treatment elevates dermal temperature, generates thermal injury to the tissue which contracts existing fibres, stimulates the formation of new collagen, and improves its alignment and thickness.
The narrow band spectrum is the optimal range for haemoglobin absorption, targeting vascular lesions, making it highly effective. High absorbing in Melanin makes it also effective in removing spots and pigmentation. The new and advanced Dye-VL PRO cooled applicator is highly powerful and effective. With a focused 1 cm2 spot size, high peak power and intense cooling, it provides excellent clinical results.

There’s not much the Harmony XL Pro can’t treat when it comes to skin concerns! From fine lines and sun spots to uneven skin tone and dark circles, the laser treatment can improve them all.

The Harmony XL Pro can also treat skin laxity and puffiness, for a refreshed appearance.

All skin types and tones can benefit from the effects of the Harmony XL Pro, with customised solutions to treat the different skin requirements of all age groups from teens to older adults.

One of the handpieces of Harmony XL pro --- DPL Pro is proved to be effective on sensitive skin. Patients will find significant reduction on redness and discomfort tingly sensation.

The exact nature of your treatment will depend on the issues we aim to treat and the Harmony XL Pro module or combination of modules that we need to use. We will explain more about what you can expect at your initial consultation.

The Harmony XL Pro is renowned for its ‘lunch break procedures’, which are completed quickly with minimal downtime and side effects.

DPL is best for treating skin redness, pigmentation from acne, rosacea and various blood vessel problems

Before treatment:

Avoid heavy sun exposure 4 to 6 weeks before and after treatment. This also includes sun beds.

Discontinue the use of any tanning creams at least 1 week before treatment.

Avoid using any harsh products on the skin 48 hours prior to treatment (Glycolic/Retinol or acid-based products).


After treatment:

Avoid sun exposure and use sunscreen SPF 50 at all times throughout the course of treatment.

Avoid hot baths and heat treatments for at least 24hours after a treatment.

Clean your face with warm water and avoid rubbing

Follow with hydrating facial after one week

Again, how soon you see the results of your treatment will depend on the nature of your individual procedure. For example, with skin remodelling using the ClearLiftTM module, results will be immediately visible, although you should see continuing improvements over time as new collagen develops. Laser hair removal, acne treatment, or tattoo removal may need several sessions for you to see the best outcomes.