By using professional instruments, the energy in picoseconds (one picosecond is equal to one trillionth of a second) reaches the basal layer and even the dermis layer, which can more accurately target the pigments. By using the characteristics of high-peak short pulses, which crush directly the pigments into fine particles, meanwhile it stimulates collagen regeneration, activates the self-repairing of the skin, accelerates the metabolism of melanin, and removes it from the body. Its unique 755 wavelength is specifically aimed at latent melanin, leaving spots nowhere. 

Mode Information
Whitening & Blemish

Pico Laser whitening mode: for large areas of dull skin caused by sensitivity, sun, etc., the whole process is almost painless, and no damage on the skin. After treatment, please pay attention to using hyaluronic acid mask and hydrogel to moisturize, and you can apply makeup immediately, which will no effect on normal work and life.


Pico laser blemish mode: A course of treatment for different sorts of spots such as freckles, sunburn, zygomatic mother spots, etc. There will be a scab period ranging around 7-10 days, and it will have an great repair effect after recovery and scabs falling off.

Whitening mode treatment is without breakage so you can have normal skin care at the same day.

The skin will look a little dirty for a few days as the treatment brings out the pigment out of the skin. Following that the skin will look fresher and a lot smoother.

There will be slight bleeding after the mole removal treatment, which is normal.The scab starts to form around 1-3 days after the treatment, before the scab falls off, only use pure steaming water or saline solution to clean it. Please apply cell growth fluid every day to accelerate the skin repairmen process. Only when the scab falls off, then can start normal skin care.


In principle, there will be no rebound. picolaser is a technology which can quickly crush the melanin in the dermis into extremely fine particles. As picoseconds causes minimal thermal damage to the skin, the risk of stimulating melanin to become active again (returning to dark) is relatively low. It will get good control as long as paying attention to make strict sun protection, strengthen hydration, and standardize your diet and rest after treatment.

This is done by delivering extremely short pulses that creates shockwaves of light that penetrates the deep layer of the skin. The pulse breaks the pigment particles, that make age spots. Allowing your body to naturally absorb them. Therefore, resulting in the elimination of these age spots, pigments or melasmas.

Compared with the traditional way to remove freckle, Less treatments required than traditional treatments. Picolaser action time is 1000 times faster than the traditional laser equipment and 90 times faster than the Q nanosecond equipment.  Meanwhile, it works only on the target melanin, which will not damage our skin, so that pigmented lesions can reach a faster, stronger energy, safer effect of the treatment in a shorter number of treatments.Your skin will become firmer and smoother.

Due to different types of spots, area size, color depth and other factors, the number of picolaser treatments is also different.

  • Sun Damaged Skin 1-3 times
  • Freckles 3-5 times
  • Melasma  5-8 times
  • Every treatments interval is recommended  between 1 to 2 month.