EC using a specially designed, 18K gold-plated ultra-micron insulated micro-needle probe, the radio frequency energy is directly applied to the dermis and subcutaneous tissue within 0.1 second. The molecules in the skin generate heat energy after the high-speed movement of the gold radio frequency to activate their own anti-inflammatory repair the system.  New collagen will be triggered to increase by heat energy, promoting local metabolism, reduction of pores, which improving fine lines, diminish acne marks, tighten skin, and creating a more delicate and firm skin. Work on both face and body.

The RF MICRO NEEDLING can apply to improving

  • Large facial pores
  • Middle and late stages of acne
  • Acne/acne marks/acne marks
  • Superficial facial lines
  • Promote collagen regeneration, anti-aging and firming
  • Neck wrinkles/stretch marks, loose skin after childbirth 

The EC’s RF micro needling treatment operation is performed three times in the whole process. Each time, the exclusive Epidermal Growth Factor essenceEGF is used to adapted to the whole face. After the treatment, an exclusive medical repair patch is applied to accelerate healing process and promote cell regeneration. Each step is coordinated with exclusive functional products, which can greatly shorten the recovery period! You can recover normally after 24-48 hours, without affecting work and daily life!

RF Micro Needling technology can feel slightly uncomfortable to experience, especially when deeper needle penetration is required to achieve maximum results. Our highly experienced Aesthetic Therapists are fully trained to offer you the best RF Micro needling. All clients are given an in-depth consultation to assure you that we listen and can deliver exceptional high standard treatment every time.

Also, the shortcomings of common microneedle on the market are curvilinear wrinkles or uneven areas around the eyes and mouth, and the microneedles cannot be operated uniformly. One of the characteristics of EC Microneedle RF is that the depth of needle insertion can be adjusted intelligently, and the depth and energy of the cheek and forehead are different. The RF energy is released from the tip of the "microneedle" at the moment it reaches the dermis, which leads the energy directly injected into the dermis layer. Therefore avoiding the issue of traditional micro needling injected the energy chaotically; to providing the most accurate treatment! Another feature is by using the principle of edge vacuum adsorption operation method, which greatly reduces the pain.

It is recommended to perform RF micro needling radiofrequency treatment at intervals of more than 2-3 months for any fillings and injection.

Normally, for a mesotherapy, the interval period is more than 15-20 days

But if you do have the RF micro needling treatment first, you can perform other micro plastic surgery in about 1-4 weeks.

The RF micro needling radiofrequency has an excellent astringent and firming effect on large pores once it done. The specific number of treatments needs to be determined according to the condition of rough skin pores. Usually 3-6 treatments are required, also cooperation with daily moisturizing and repairing; it possibly reaches a delicate and firm visible changed skin with a period of time, which is unmatched by daily skin care routine.

For treating acne marks, shrinking pores, smoothing wrinkles, and tightening skin are comprehensive for the effects of RF micro needling radiofrequency treatment. Once the treatment has been done, which promote skin rejuvenation for one metabolic cycle (28 days), and the effect after rejuvenation is a long-term time period. After continuous treatment, the skin rejuvenation changes will be more significant.


The RF micro needling radiofrequency is used as a therapeutic treatment to improve skin texture from the source by promoting the regeneration and remodeling of skin collagen. This treatment is not only for improving pores, dilute acne marks, but also achieve comprehensive skin rejuvenation effects such as diminishing fine lines, firming skin, and improving dull and uneven skin tone. It is not only suitable for treating skin problems, but also suitable for daily maintenance. In order to creating a flawless egg skin effectively and lastingly, making the skin more delicate, firm, and moisturized.