At ECOONER, we combine advanced Asian aesthetic facial treatments with our own line of cosmeceutical skin care products and skin treatments in Harley Street, London.

Choose from the following facial experiences:
Antioxidant Brightening Facial
Anti-Bacterial Acne Treatment
Chemical Peel for Face
Skin Calm & Glow Treatment
Rejuvenation & Lift Facial
Microcurrent Neck Care
Anti-Oxidant Brightening Facial
Signature Facial

Our unique and popular treatments provide a multi-step natural whitening and facial experience and are perfect for Asian skin. This soothing facial application is accompanied by a deep cleansing and exfoliation treatment with aqua peeling technology. Our antioxidant brightening facial massage uses concamerated skin boosting vitamins, followed by a unique hydrogen infusion chamber, that penetrates the skin to react with the Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) in the skin.

This works quickly and efficiently as a powerful antioxidant cleansing agent, drawing out the harmful ROS which can be produced from pollutions and UV light. A brightening face mask is then applied to hydrate and stimulate collagen production. The result is revived and produces a whitened complexion with lasting effects.

Ideal For: Dull Skin / Uneven Complexion / Tired Skin / Party Ready Skin

Anti-bacterial Acne Treatment
Recommend for Oily Skin

We start with a deep cleaning and exfoliation treatment using our advanced aqua peeling machine which utilises lactic acid & salicylic acid, followed by an anti-bacterial purification mask. We then apply LED comfort and recovery lights, this treatment is designed for skin acne, and is to reduce clogged pores, dead cells and deliver a healthier skin with a smoothed texture.

Ideal For: Acne Skin / Clogged Pores / Blackheads and Whiteheads / Oily Skin

Skin Calm & Glow Treatment
Dry & Sensitive Skin

A soft and gentle touch together with professional comfort facial massages, the micro vibration diffusion and LED recovering lights calm skin sensitivity and redness. They produce remarkable results that rehydrate skin and accelerate cell repairing, regeneration and cell turnover.

Ideal For: Dry & Sensitive Skin / Redness and Damaged Skin

Rejuvenation & Lift Facial
Loose Skin

This advanced, triple-technology treatment uses aqua peeling to rejuvenate the skin, micro currents to stimulate and lift the facial muscles and multipolar radio frequency to enhance collagen. The treatment includes our classic lifting massage techniques that lift, firm, and contour the face and eyes for ultimate skin rejuvenation. A cell repair mask is applied at the end under LED lights to stimulate product penetration of vitamins and collagen.

Ideal For: Loose Skin / Tired Skin / Wrinkles /Ageing Skin

Microcurrent Neck Care

The ultimate in neck care, our microcurrent treatment combines professional neck message with microcurrent technology to stimulates facial muscles. The microcurrent pulses also help anti-ageing properties to be absorbed fully into the skin, repair damaged skin and stimulate collagen and elastin production.

Skin Peel/Chemical Peel for Face
Oily Skin

The ECOONER specialised skin peel is targeted for acne prone skin, using our own unique blend of natural acids to gently exfoliate and clear clogged pores and acne. Strong antibacterial properties within the treatment regulate sebum production and provide long term effect on clearing the skin. This treatment is designed to exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin by creating fresh new skin cells and can be used on both the face and body. Skin appears illuminated, hydrated, and rejuvenated after one skin peel.

The following problems can be improved by this treatment:

Distal closed-mouth acne, pustular acne

Excessive secretion of oil, clogging pores

Brighten skin tone, lighten acne marks,

Improve dark yellow, fine wrinkles caused by skin aging,

Improve rough skin and keratosis, chicken skin


Our professional Peel uses 18%-22% natural mandelic acid, which has very good penetration and mildness. It is the first choice for cleaning sensitive skin. It can quickly and effectively help the skin to remove dead skin cells and subcutaneous inflammation. The improvement of slenderness inhibits acne regeneration, diminishes acne scars, and establishes healthy keratin metabolism to achieve a noticeably delicate, smooth and bright skin effect.

We recommend 4 times done within 4 weeks apart for optimal results. Milk Peel can also be used within a tailored skin package.
Milk peel uses concentrated acids that all help with removing unwanted dead skin to achieve a brighter complexion. The skin peel will feel warm when applied onto the skin. You will feel mild skin discomfort.