Enlarged Pores
Enlarged pores are a common concern for all ages and skin types, but especially for those who suffer from oily and combination skin. This can be triggered by genetic disposition or skin quality. Enlarged pores are more visible and this can lead to more breakouts as well as looking unsightly.
•  Keep your face clean by cleansing twice daily and exfoliate once a week
•  Wear sunscreen every day (SPF30)
•  Maintain a healthy diet
•  Avoid hot showers
•  Stay hydrated


Ecooner can help you understand the causes of enlarged pores. Our Skin treatments can be targeted and tailored according to your specific needs.

Chemical peels help accelerate cellular turnover and force excess sebum out of pores, reducing the volume within them and therefore diminishes their appearance.

Derma roller achieves collagen renewal by creating small punctures in the skin with a handheld, cylinder-shaped instrument studded with microneedles.

RF Microneedling uses small needles and radiofrequency heat  to create tiny punctures on the skin surface. This encourage the body to renew and rebuild the skin cells. As your skin repairs, the production of collagen and elastin is triggered.

Laser treatment

Bespoke facial

Here at Ecooner we specialise in tailoring and developing skin treatments specifically for your targeted skin concerns. We go through our treatment recommendations with you to insure we meet every step of your expectations.