Administered correctly by a medical professional, over time face thread lifts gradually stimulate collagen production to restore facial volume and smooth out deep lines and wrinkles. We use a brand called Silhouette Soft thread lifts. Silhouette Soft is designed to treat the signs of ageing and give you a naturally refreshed appearance. It is suitable for men and women and offers a unique dual effect – the immediate lift and the long-term collagen regeneration. Silhouette Soft is made from resorbable polylactic acid sutures, which dissolve to help stimulate your skin’s own collagen production. The threads are inserted under the skin using a needle (without any incisions), to elevate the sagging tissue in problem areas.

Treatment Information for Threadslifting

Thread are inserted into the face to lift sagging skin, creating a firmer, younger look. After the treatment, the threads will gradually anchor themselves to your tissue and stimulate the body’s collagen production, creating a smooth, shapely appearance that’s completely natural. A local anesthetic to numb the treatment area will makes the procedure more comfortable.  

Some clients notice some bruising or swelling immediately after the procedure, but this subsides shortly afterwards and, in the meantime, can easily be covered with makeup.

Avoid dental surgery, contact sport, facial massages, and all other beauty treatments for 1 week after your thread lift procedure. We recommend that you sleep on your back during this post-treatment period. If you experience any pain after your face or neck lift, consult your doctor and take pain relief treatments as they recommend.