PRP therapy is a cutting-edge treatment that can rejuvenate and revitalise your skin. It is a form of regenerative medicine that can harness your body’s own healing and growth abilities.  Treatment involves injecting a specialised concentration of activated platelets into the desired areas. This can stimulate new collagen production, promote the microcellular repair of the skin as well as hydrate and rejuvenate specific areas.


PRP therapy can also be used to restore hair growth, particularly in the early stage of hair loss, the growth properties contained in the highly concentrated platelets can revive inactive hair follicles, prompting new hair growth.

Treatment Area & Information

PRP improves skin texture and tone and regenerates collagen which helps reduce wrinkles and lines, improve skin texture around the delicate eye area, tackle blemishes, improve scarring and restore a healthy glow. Also improving hair loss in early stage, simulating new hair growth. 

During the consultation our specialist will discuss your specific concerns and expectations and explain to you any risks that come with the treatment. After a consultation with the doctor a light numbing cream will be applied to the injection site for around 30 minutes for comfort. During this time a small 10ml sample of your blood will be drawn from your arm. This will be spun in a centrifuge to separate the platelets from the whole blood cells, creating your own Platelet Rich Plasma.

Once the numbing cream has taken effect your own platelet rich plasma is re-injected using a very fine, sterile needle. Multiple injections are required to give an over-all improvement to the area of concern.

Some bruising, swelling and redness are common immediately following the procedure. Most side effects should resolve within a few days and most people feel confident enough to return to work the next day. The results of PRP therapy are gradually visible beginning several weeks after your first treatment, as collagen production increases.


Avoid dental surgery, contact sport, facial massages, and all other beauty treatments for 1 week.