Blepharoplasty is a method of surgery, which creates the firm levator aponeurosis fibrous on the upper tarsal plate attached to the skin and the orbicularis muscle on the upper edge of the tarsal plate, so that when the levator contracts upward and create a crease, then the double eyelid fold is formed. For those who have other eye problems such as epicanthus fold, ptosis, etc., you can comprehensively solve the problem by opening the inner corner of the eye and the levator muscle during double eyelid surgery. ECOONER Plastic Surgery's eye surgery is performed by experienced surgeons. Through rich surgical experience and personalized surgical plan design, it provides customized services for beauty seekers, retaining their unique personal style, and shaping more natural and beautiful eyes.

Types of double eyelid surgery
Simple but effective

Embedding double eyelids: refers to a procedure in which sutures (or polymer sutures) are directly buried between the skin and the tarsal plate by suturing, so that the upper eyelid skin adheres to tarsal plate and forms a crease. Suitable for people with single eyelids who have thin eyelid skin and no drooping eyelid skin.


Incision double eyelid: cut the upper eyelid skin surgically to remove excess skin and fatty tissue, etc., and then fix the eyelid skin on the tarsal plate of the required height to form a double eyelid. Suitable for single eyelids with thicker eyelids or much fat.


Double eyelid repair: remove the scarred double eyelid by loosening the adhesion scar, then carry out muscle reconstruction, restore the eye function, and readjust the curvature of the double eyelid. Suitable for people who have failed to repair double eyelids and are not satisfied with their eye shape.

a.     People who are dissatisfied with their eye shape with single eyelid, swollen eye bubble, large and small eye, multiple double eyelid.

b.     People who have eye problems such as drooping eyelids, looking awake, trichiasis, epicanthus, etc.

c.      People who want to have a clear and hard-to-go double eyelid line.

a.     There is no trace of surgery, and the lines are smooth as natural

b.     Very consistent and harmonious with personal image, and retain personal characteristics

c.      Both incision and non-incision surgery will create a suitable double eyelid shape according to a certain circumstance

d.     Lasting results - can last from 2 to 30 years.

a.     Adipocyte damage may occur within 1~2 days after surgery. It is quite normal, please don’t worry, all the symptoms will disappear afterwards.

b.     After the surgery, apply some cold compress for 2~3 days. After 72 hours~1 week, you can alternate use the cold and hot compress.

c.      After the surgery, smoking and drinking are prohibited within the next 2~3 weeks, and it is prohibited to go to sauna and steam room.

d.     1~2 days after the stitches are removed, you can wash your face and do some make-up, but avoid rubbing your eyes vigorously.

e.     Contact lenses can be worn after 2 weeks, and false eyelashes can be applied after 1 month.