For many people, droopy eyelids or puffiness under the eye is either hereditary or due to ageing. Eye bag Surgery is a procedure that removes excess baggy skin or fat deposits under the eyes to give a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance. Both upper and lower eye bags can be operated on separately or together under general anesthetic. Patients that choose lower lid surgery will have an incision made under the lower lashes along the lash line or alternatively just inside the eyelid where excess tissue is removed.

Types of eyebag removal
Loose & Firm

When the skin is loose and the bags under the eyes protrude: 

After removing the fat and using the laser to cut the edges of the lower eyelashes, the loose excess skin is removed. If necessary, fat will be implanted into the recessed area while removing fat to make the fundus flat.


When the skin is firm and only the bags under the eyes bulge:

Use laser to incise the fundus conjunctiva to expose the fundus fat. Customize the appropriate fundus fat reconfiguration according to personal situation and remove the excess fat. There is no need to cut the skin, just remove the fat through the conjunctiva inside the eye. Therefore, no stitches, no scars, and you can wash your face and do some make-up right after.


In general, leaving a smooth, firm, younger-looking surface above the cheek.

a.     People who have shadows on the eyes due to bags under the eyes

b.     People with dark circles and tear grooves caused by bags under the eyes

c.      People who look old due to bags under their eyes

a.     Familiar with eye anatomy, and master almost all surgical techniques for removing eye bags

b.     There are almost no scars after the surgery providing more nature effects, and clearing aging fat shows more youthful vitality

c.      You can directly make up and wash your face after the surgery

a.    Adipocyte damage may occur within 1~2 days after surgery. It is quite normal, please don’t worry, all the symptoms will disappear afterwards.

b.    After the surgery, apply some cold compress for 2~3 days. After 72 hours~1 week, you can alternate use the cold and hot compress.

c.     After the surgery, smoking and drinking are prohibited within the next 2~3 weeks, and it is prohibited to go to sauna and steam room.

d.    1~2 days after the stitches are removed, you can wash your face and do some make-up, but avoid rubbing your eyes vigorously.

e.    Contact lenses can be worn after 2 weeks, and false eyelashes can be applied after 1 month.